Pure rider error!

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After coming wide around a corner, I moved to the left, while simultaneously looking over my left shoulder for a rider behind... I then looked back and was heading directly for the barrier. The ground was slippery and there was debris at the road edge, so it was too late for stopping or turning! Amazingly I survived relatively unscathed, save for a bit of road rash on my backside, a slightly damaged finger and a graze on the back of my head. My helmet did what it was supposed to do, and died for the cause, and I ruined a pair of Castelli shorts. The bike, you will be pleased to read, was fine - it suffered minor scuffing on the saddle and the bars needed straightening. Everything else was fine.


Incident location

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Date of incident
20/08/2023 11:17AM
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Location of incident
Main Road, Chandlers Hill South Australia 5157, Australia