It’s becoming a pattern: Trifecta of illegal, dangerous and aggressive overtake and failing to stop

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After an almost identical incident with a Range Rover just 9 days earlier, it looks like this is a thing for some drivers...
When riding north up Wood St in Hawthorn, towards Denham St, it becomes a T intersection. This time, the driver of a maroon Holden Barina (rego RKH824) decides - within maybe 20m of the T intersection - to make an aggressive, dangerous and illegal overtake.
First fail: overtaking with single unbroken lines (when not safe to do so). This is against the road rules in Victoria.
Second fail: changing lanes without giving way (to me) and forcing me to evasively brake and I almost came off my bike.
Third fail: Failing to stop at a Stop sign.
So many things could have gone wrong here. If a car from the main road had turned into Wood St, they would have had a head on with the idiot overtaking. Or the Barina would’ve swerved even more into me than they already did and caused an actual collision. Or a kid from the school or church that we were passing might’ve been crossing the road. So unnecessary and so dangerous.


Incident location

Incident details

Date of incident
08/03/2023 05:49PM
Incident type
Close pass/Bad driving
Location of incident
Wood Street, Hawthorn Victoria 3122, Australia