Hit and run with mirror and then attempted side swipe

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I was riding along and then there is a place where there is an elevated tram stop and the lane is quite narrow and elevated from the other lane to the right. A white Telsa (rego CHX932) tries to push past at a place where is is simply no space (you can see the bike lane marking on the lane) and he hits my elbow with his side mirror. You can hear the impact and see that his mirror was pushed in by the impact.

He then falls back and then aggressively pushes past and narrowly misses me the second time and then blocks the lane as he tries to push back into the other lane. When he stopped at a light further up, he was playing with his phone.

He did not stop to either render assistance nor exchange details after hitting me. That's a hit and run.


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Date of incident
27/07/2023 09:40AM
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Location of incident
Bridge Road, Richmond Victoria 3121, Australia