Close pass by painting contractor’s truck

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Three times in the past couple of weeks a truck owned by William Taylor Painting has passed within 2 feet or less of me while I was on a bike ride. License plate VA UKX-6650 or UXX-6650, it is a little hard to read since it is a little dented. I clearly saw the orange William Taylor Painting logo on the rear window of the truck's cab along with the phone number.

Today's incident was clearly a threat as it took place on 677. This is a quiet two lane road with no oncoming traffic. The speed limit is 25mph and the driver of the vehicle was clearly going closer to 40 mph. The driver passed within a foot of my left was clearly a threat.


Incident location

Incident details

Date of incident
23/12/2023 11:15AM
Incident type
Close call
Location of incident
Stanley Road, King George, Virginia 22485, United States