Belligerent yutz with puerile logic

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A belligerent vehicle passenger barks at me, so I politely sidle up at the light and ask what she had said. First she claims that the road is not a bike lane, whereupon I advise her that there's a 4 foot passing law in NJ and they were the only ones doing anything illegal. She whines and deflects, and then she accuses me of riding in the middle of the road (which the video shows I am not). She then deflects yet again, finally whining about why I am forcing all this upon her, to which I reply that *she* had been the one to screech at me. She then advises me to perform unsolicited sexual acts upon her posterior (which she is clearly using as a haven for her cranial suppository).


Incident location

Incident details

Date of incident
28/06/2023 12:35PM
Incident type
Close pass/Bad driving
Location of incident
River Road, West New York, New Jersey 07093, United States