Almost Hit From Behind Followed By Close Pass

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Whilst approaching the traffic lights I briefly looked behind and a vehicle was approaching some 100 meters behind. I was in the left hand lane. The traffic lights were on red, as the route behind appeared clear, given the distance behind, I felt safe to move towards the centre white line and I stayed in the left lane, towards the centre. The road was a one-way and it was a let or right turn. I was turning right, but stayed in the centre white line area. As I was just about to come to a complete stop I could hear a vehicle approaching fast behind me and had an immediate sense of panic and quickly glanced, I now saw a huge passenger coach approaching fast, I know I had to swerve to avoid being hit from behind.
To carry this on further, when the lights turned green I continued my journey onto Manchester Road. Approximately 1 minute later the very same coach, close passed me and I could literally touch the coach he was that close.


Incident location

Incident details

Date of incident
23/02/2024 08:50PM
Incident type
Close call
Location of incident
Seymour Street, Denton, Manchester, M34 3PF, United Kingdom