E-Scooter Mishaps

Collision With E-Scooter


“An e-scooter rider failed to give way, turning onto the main path without looking or stopping. The result was a collision at 30km/h”

Being A Beam Rider


No helmet, no worries.

Russian Roulette

Moscow, russia

Why did the e-scooter receive a ticket in Moscow?

Because it couldn’t stop Russian through bike paths!

Flooded Tunnel

Antwerp, Belgium

Foolish e-scooter rider worsening the situation in the flooded tunnel.

Flooded tunnel - 2 years ago

Why record your ride?

If you ride on the road, it’s getting harder to get home safely. More distracted, dangerous drivers and infrastructure that hasn’t kept up with demand. It’s tough out there, and it’s time to do something about it. 

We believe there are three things that can change the safety equation for bike riders. Raising AWARENESS of how big the problem is and the changes that can be made to make sure every road user gets home safely. Influencing planning priorities with the only real-world INFORMATION on cycling black spots. Getting the evidence needed to PROSECUTE drivers who continue to put lives at risk.

Make your mark on improving cycling safety by posting your footage of any incidents you’ve encountered. When you add to UpRide, everyone benefits. 

Want to share your story?

We’d love to hear from you. If you would like to share your stories and experience as a cyclist please reach out to the UpRide team.

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