Cruising along when a Mercedes sped past me and cut me off. I yelled.

This 4wd was behind me and entering the roundabout and barge his way through without giving way to cyclist

Close pass as a result of impatience in waiting for oncoming traffic to pass

Not a close pass but an unpleasant one, with riders being exposed to a thick plume of diesel exhaust – the vehicle was reported to the NSW Environmental Protection Agency

Going through a section with a narrow, rough and dirty shoulder so I’m right on the white line. The driver of AVX8595 Toyota 4Runner only a couple years old comes within about 1.5 ft (.5m). Driver pulls over, so I go around to continue. I was wearing a bright blue jersey and had my Fly6 flashing on the rear.

Westside Parkway traveling southbound.  Light traffic, no bike lane.  Dark grey Ford Explorer elects to pass close rather than slow down and give the legally required in GA space.

Passenger open car door when passing in roundabout.

I was riding down Cotter Road with my mate in Canberra when a driver with his camper trailer decided to overtake us. It’s clear that he was in the wrong but didn’t admit it when we met him down at the campsite. He claimed there was an oncoming car on the other side which clearly from the video there wasn’t one.  This was my first close encounter out on the road but won’t be my last i guess.

Car makes a dangerous close pass around a narrow corner, drives across center line and forces oncoming traffic to avoid them.