Riding on a cycle track heading north from Brisbane. And thought I should stop and let the snake cross. A red belly black and quite dangerous.

I was cycling in the bike lane; enjoying the cooler temps. I saw debris on the left side of the bike lane and thought little of it. As I passed the “debris”, I realized it was a cottonmouth snake.

Almost hit a snake while riding in Darwin. Didn’t see it until quite late because it blended in with the branch shadows and I was busy glaring at the roadwork signs blocking the bike path.

I was riding along a bike track and just after an approaching rider past, I looked up to see a brown snake slither from the side of the track directly in front of me. Not having time to brake or take evasive action I rode over the top of the snake. It did make an angry sound and tried to strike me, without success. I went back to check but there was no sign of the snake, so no damage to man, machine or beast.

Cruising toward home with about 10k to go, hot day and into the wind. Saw a snake moving quickly left to right across the path in front of me. Saw it too late to stop so chose to swing behind it as I have done in the past. Snake turned back and struck at the bike, I un-cleated left foot and raised it and was looking at the snake, rode off the path into soft sand and went down on my elbow. Fractured Head of Radius, but could have been worse if he had bitten me.

Two Dugites warming up on the path. Extremely venomous.

A dugite I think