garbage truck making a turn and garbage juice came out and spray


Cyclist lost control of bike while negotiating large pothole on Mona Vale Road. Narrowly avoided impact by truck from rear. Truck thankfully took evasive action

Guess he/she just didn’t see it. Glad they saw me.

Check out the mess that is 14th St. NW from Mount Pleasant down to Rhode Island Ave. yesterday morning…
1. U-turning vehicle;
2. Uber drop off in bike lane and door opening;
3. Van pulling out of driveway;
4. white car blocking the box;
5. barriers obscuring bike lane below FL Ave.;
6. steel plates and asphalt patches below U St.;
7. truck unloading in the bike lane;
8. Circulator bus pulling into bike lane for no obvious reason;
9. lane closed due to construction zone;
10. scooter rider about to enter bike lane; and
11. parking vehicle blocking lane after bus stop.

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