The comfort with which people are willing to threaten the lives of others from the safety of their cars is astounding and depressing in equal measures. This is a tiny selection of videos posted to UpRide during September 2022 that shows a range of situations where safety was threatened for no good reason.

overtake and U-Turn at junction from taxi 43880

Close pass by orange SUV.
Think they were upset that I undertook them earlier with the evening rush hour traffic.

Black BMW slow and close passing me, squeezing me towards the curb as we approach the red lights.

Really close overtaking right on a traffic island and give way junction.
Miracle I wasn’t taken out with this one

Driver got stopped in a turn lane causing obstacle and blocking sight line for the car wanting to exit.

Driver approaches the intersection with the right indicator on, driver hasn’t looked in my direction and has rolled through and entered the intersection blocking the bike lane causing me to ride outside the bike lane, fortunately there was no traffic coming behind me.
This is a 70 kph road

I guess the tint was too dark on this car to see my bike reflectors, my helmet reflectors, and the blinking rear light. The paper tag was illegible so I guess it will go unreported.

2 x consecutive close passes on double yellow lines whilst descending downhill with overgrown bushes on left-side of the road