without looking or indicating anything

In Belgium, we have priority for people comming from the right side. This is also applicable for cyclists, even if they work for the police.
No real harm was done.

Ridiculous attempt by a camper van to pass heading into oncoming traffic then compounds it by attempting a pass on a roundabout!

Ring the bell, the youngster goes for an ollie anyways. He misses and is shown that cyclists can hop as wel.
It was a friendly encounter!

Intentional close pass by Jeep.

Impatient taxi driver overtakes and cuts in front on blind bend of steep uphill private housing estate access road. Fortunately no other vehicle coming other way.

Speed pedelec going for a non-existing gap. Just ring the bell/use the horn and pass safe!

Riding along a single track public road I saw a large Tractor towing a trailer coming the other way. Luckily there was a safe area to pull into. The tractor driver made no attempt to slow down. I was absolutely astonished to notice he was talking on a mobile phone held to his right ear in his right hand. Not only illegal, but really dangerous. No number plate was visible on either tractor or trailer.