Eine Gruppe von Jungs mit Rollern auf dem Geh- und Radweg

Vom Gehweg auf den Radweg

The driver of a large tractor / trailer unit followed me under the railway and as soon as he had passed the three vehicles on the opposite side of the road, overtook me and passed the wrong side of the keep left sign on the pedestrian refuge.

Reported to police who took no further action, stating that the driver passed the wrong side of the sign to keep me safe. He could have done that simply by slowing down and not overtaking until it was safe further up the road.

Driver would be able to see me if they had been more observant. I’m thinking because I’m on my bike, he’s trying to get out in front of me but badly mis-times it.

Descending Catoctin Mtn at speed; ambulance performs unsafe (within 3′) pass. [Thurmont Community Ambulance #170]

In this video for the second time a bus overtakes me without maintaining a minimum safety distance but the worst was the driver with a tender that made me skid without being aware of the ingredger of the trailer in a stretch of road without having possibility of escape

Impatient driver could have just wait for the right-turning bus to clear the controlled intersection. Instead, she chose to swerve into the bicycle lane without first checking that the way was clear. On passing, I noticed the windows in the LandCruiser was fogged up — not only impatient, but careless and dangerous!

This driver tried to make a safe pass….. gave me a couple of meters (from the rear video) with his truck, but clearly hadn’t realized that:
A. I was going a few kmh under the 60kmh speed limit and
B. There was a ‘curve’ in the road.
He had to come back to our side which brought the trailer KIND OF close to me (ie well under a meter)
Lucky for him (and likely proving he was new to pulling a trailer) the trailer had no license. (the rear view shows the license number on his truck)