There was a tree in the ground and i See it to late. Speed 30km/h.

I was a little too confident and kissed the pavement.

Downhill with rain , change the behavior of the bicycle.
Unfortunately our friend witnessed this case. Broken shoulder made him stop for some days.

I was riding in a bike lane, when the passenger of a car leaned out his window and struck me in the side of the head with his hand. The driver passed me closely to enable the assault, so it was definitely intentionally coordinated by the people in the car before it happened. My glasses were knocked off my face, but I did not fall over. I was not injured. I had no interaction or conflict with the vehicle before the incident, so it seemed to be done just for “fun.”

Was looking out at cars, then spotted kids too late too break in time. If you watch slowly, the boy stops, looks at me then takes one more step

Confusion priority rules and poor visibility lead to the (small) crash of this lady.

A scooter running in front of me suddenly slowed down and turned left. I couldn’t stop and crushed into the scooter. Fortunately there was almost no damage to my road bike (as well as to the scooter) and also no injuries suffered.

Guy with airpods in walked straight infront of me without looking

Alone cycling home with about a 1klm to go. In the cycling lane preparing to enter the traffic lane to be able to take 2nd exit at the roundabout ahead. Left hand on handbars, right hand assisting in looking behind me for on coming traffic. As you will see, I drifted in the cycle lane towards the rumble strips. As I started to look forward again and take control of the handle bars, the bike started to contact the rumble strips and caused me to not be able to regain control of the handbars, which resulted in the crash. Injuries include; cracked lower ribs, dislocated collar bone (ACJ), damaged tendons and some bruising to the body, arms and legs.
Thanks to all drivers who stopped to assist and the emergency services.