Rapid deceleration upon sudden appearance of deer during rapid descent of Sawdust Hill Road

Just clipping along the trail and I heard something and then this nice deer just exploded about the brush in front of me. I’m not sure who was more startled by the encounter. Definitely better than the bat that hit me in the fact last year.

Deer stopped to look at vulnerable road user’s extra bright daytime running lights before completing crossing the roadway

Young Buck, but still a big one, standing right beside the bike path. Saw him with plenty of time so I could slow down and approach cautiously. Was actually about to come to a full stop because I didn’t want to get any closer when he took off into the brush along the trail Beautiful animal and hope it is okay in our suburban environment.

Mountain biking with the deer at Knob Hill trail

Three deer at Naval Undersea Museum

Deer was just standing and taking up entire lane until I got close and actually had to go around it.

Spotted some deer at the top of a hill and the Stag decided to chase after us and the Does followed……..