I saw the oncoming car approaching and suddenly heard the driver lock up the brakes. I had no idea why, and half-expected some aggressive anti-cyclist behavior. Next thing I know, I hear a thump and see this deer sliding across the road right at me. I had just managed to stop when it slammed into my bike!

Met two sets of deer on the Mohawk River Trail in ROme NY,

A group of seven riders from my cycling club Montvélo CC (Montrose, Angus) headed out into Glen Clova and Glen Doll in Angus, Scotland, near Forfar on Saturday 30th July.

On a single track road in Glen Doll we came across five majestic red stags crossing the road right in front of us!

What a beautiful, bonnie sight – and at the same time it reminds you of the hazards on the road!

Deer on roadway on Indian Island

You don’t appreciate how big deer are until you encounter one on a bike. I made sure it knew I was coming.

One of those “city” deer that isn’t bothered by people apparently. Just stood there while I rode by. A woman with a dog also stopped to watch it.

Surprised a deer coming around a corner to ride on gravel

Either lost, injured, or sick

Fawn got spooked and crossed