This strip of shared pathway has been repaired, poorly, many times, with asphalt laid over the area where tree roots grow through, the last repair after the path was closed for a year, less than a year ago. The repair is clearly substandard.

In response to posting this locally, it was picked up by a TV channel, aired and the next day the local council has made a temporary repair and the main roads department, who is responsible has been alerted.

This is an important part of the cycling highway Leuven-Brussels, but is it too small to pass or cross other cyclists.

On this part of the cycling highway, there is a “cycling path” which has a high curb to enter and leave it. It is too small to pass other cyclists.

This part is on the cycling highway Brussels-Leuven. There is a high curb to enter the cycling lane, which is full of holes. Some other cyclists were recently fined when not using this bike-murdering cycling path.

The path along the creek has many sharp turn junctions, some even uphill. Very difficult to ride.

There is a nice cycling lane connection here. Although, it is way too small during (cycling) rush hour.

There is a crack in the cycling lane with a few centimers of elevation.

State Trooper could not wait until it was safe to pass. Instead, nearly collided with an oncoming car while passing on a blind hill with a double yellow line.