This particular street has no bike accommodations. There is also construction and lane closures make the street very difficult for cyclists. Typically the median (or as we call it, the neutral ground) is a good (enough) path BUT its built exclusively for street cars. There are 2 tracks. This is the second time i’ve had issues with this exact spot but today it was very wet and my rear tire lost traction. I was able to bail on the bike and suffered no harm nor injury. Proper bike accommodations would have prevented this.

I fell of my bike while riding through poorly designed underpass. This underpass floods twice daily with the high tide what has left a buildup of slime causing a serious slip hazard for cyclists. Even though I was going slowly I still slipped on the slime causing a double pelvis fracture which required an ambulance ride to hospital for surgery and a 10 day stay and a long recovery.

This really happens on a bike path, donkeys or jackasses or shetland ponies who cares, let us get from point a to point b.

The sidewalk is already bad enough to qualify as an MTB trail. There’s no need to make it even worse.

You could of course ride in the middle of the stroad but is that really any better?

Due to poor footpath design, kids regularly walk along the side of the road along this stretch.

Always dangerous here

The Galada Tamboore Pathway through Thomastown, Lalor, Epping and Wollert has many instances of cracks and raised joints. This is but one.