I encountered a very aggressive pit bull on a ride. I hit the dog solidly, but managed to stay on the bike. Front view shows the dog attacking and me being jarred sideways from the impact. The rear view shows I hit the dog hard enough to throw him off the road, yet he and another continued to chase for nearly 10 seconds.

Magpie attack on three run troughs of the attack zone. The time zone of interest runs from 3 min 35 sec to about 4 min 45 seconds. Fly 6 was strapped to helmet.

Magpie attack with 3 runs through the attack zone just for fun. This is my favorite Canberra magpie this spring. Attack sections have been clipped and edited together.

I was riding along Gorge Road towards Athelstone, South Australia. If you look to the left you will see a large brown snake falling from a cutting, closely followed by a second brown snake.
May need to slow the video down to see the snakes clearly.

Decending in paceline at Colorado National Monument and surprised by a Big Horn Sheep on the road.

Why it is important to pay attention to all areas around you when cycling. Some Ducks believe they always have the right of wy.

Magpie swoops in but in slow motion it is like a missile approaching

Angry little bird on my route home. It is not a magpie!

Cruising on the downhill and out of nowhere comes a shrieking magpie from hell. I wave him off but he’s back again, swooping and pecking. My friend does a counter shriek and a shape shift with his muscular physique. But wait his arms are too skinny to scare him off and he swoops again. We finally ride out of his territory and kudos to the patient drivers as they watch patiently and enjoy some comedy relief for the day.

Heading east along Gorge Road, Athelstone, SA on a morning ride. One kangaroo encountered bounding the same direction down the road. Luckily the oncoming van spotted said roo and I stopped the van behind me. A happy ending.