WV18 HRX Gotta get in front of the cyclist!

32 views | August 1, 2022

Incident type: Close pass/Bad driving
Location of incident: Vicarage Road, Swindon, SN2 1JQ, United Kingdom


This is something that happens quite a lot. Some drivers have just got to get in front of you regardless of the situation.

Here we have a driver of a black Nissan something-or-other who is mostly quite patient but then does silly things - lack of concentration? The video starts with the driver attempting an overtake on the approach to a mini roundabout. I have to overtake a parked car on the left and the silver merc is about to pass a parked van. Completely stupid place to attempt to pass.

Later they attempt to overtake me again. This time on a road with a 30mph restriction whilst I'm doing around 30mph! There is NOWHERE for them to go. I did get too close to the car in front - I lost a little concentration. I'm possibly a little too close to the curb too (in hindsight, should have adopted the primary position). I suspect that they were too fixed on me and failing to look ahead.