Unexpected right turn out of the second row

14 views | February 1, 2022

Incident type: Close call
Location of incident: Friedrich-List-Platz 2, 01069 Dresden, Germany


A car driver who wants to turn right gives me the right of way at an intersection where we both get the green light at the same time. While the former is paying attention, another right-turning car behind him swerves abruptly to the right, cuts the bike path and overtakes on the right at the intersection.

I expect that the first one takes my right of way. But I don't expect the second car behind to tear around the steering wheel and then violate my right of way.

Because of the weather conditions and frequent conflicts at the intersection, as I have experienced, I approached the spot braking slightly and braked sharply at the end. But I could just as well have been further ahead next to the reckless driver who unpredictably tore his steering wheel around.