Translink Bus Close Pass on Corner into Bike Lane

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Riding home from Currumbin Beach you can see a bus slowly start to approach me from behind. The speed limit is 40 and he then decides he wants to over take firstly over a speed hump and then overtakes on a tight corner up a hill and because of his size the rear part of the bus narrowly misses me and enters the bike lane which I am at the extreme left of. Luckily I anticipated that he would attempt such a stupid manoeuvre and i kept well left. The annoying thing is that the bus then stopped 1km up the road and parked as he must have been ahead of time on his schedule. He could have just waited 5-10 seconds to overtake on the flat after the corner.


Incident location

Incident details

Date of incident
01/05/2024 06:56AM
Incident type
Close pass/Bad driving
Location of incident
Duringan Street, Currumbin Queensland 4223, Australia