Speeding, racing, undertaking, close passing, illegal plate using and nearly crashing (but otherwise safe!) Ford Fiesta ‘driver’ ML66RKO

7 views | April 7, 2021

Incident type: Close pass/Bad driving
Location of incident: Kingsbury Road, Birmingham, B24 9PY, United Kingdom


I was cycling on the Kingsbury Road when three cars approached me from behind in the right lane. The last car, a 3 door Ford Fiesta, entered the left lane & started to undertake the other two, a Mercedes & a 5 door Fiesta, but after passing the Mercedes the driver saw me & slowed down. They then squeezed between myself & the Mercedes without even leaving the left lane nearly hitting me. As they accelerated away the 5 door Fiesta pulled into the left lane & the 3 door Fiesta had to brake to avoid a crash. The Mercedes & the 3 door Fiesta then accelerated away at high speed & it seemed to me that they were racing each other. The Fiesta also has a front plate mounted at an angle so as to make it unreadable if you viewed it from the front right side & a rear number plate obscured by tint film or something similar.
Reported to the police but no idea what the outcome was.