Serious injury/death could have occured when truck driver passed us dangerously close

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We were waiting at the traffic lights just after the Palmers Road freeway exit ramp waiting for them to turn green. A truck pulled up behind us with a safe distance. When the lights turned green, we formed a single file and took off. The truck driver decided at some point to aggressively scare us off the road and overtake in a 80km zone. 1.5 meters between cyclist and vehicle was not maintained. A second truck was following behind had my colleague had slipped his tyre in the gutter the truck behind may have not been able to react in time which could have resulted in serious injury or death of fellow rider.


Incident location

Incident details

Date of incident
13/02/2024 06:10AM
Incident type
Close pass/Bad driving
Location of incident
a Robinsons Road, Derrimut Victoria 3030, Australia