Prius cuts me off

71 views | June 22, 2022

Incident type: Close call
Location of incident: Terra Nova Boulevard, Pacifica, California 94044, United States


First ride with Cycliq cameras. I was rolling downhill in my own neighborhood. Since the subjective car was slower, I got closer and closer. Eventually I entered a bike lane and was riding almost next to him. Obviously, all this time the driver did not look in the mirrors because otherwise he'd know I was approaching him. I tried to pass him but he was riding the brake, so I was afraid he'd do something unexpected. Sure enough, few seconds later, puts on the turn signal last second , crosses my lane without looking and cuts me off as a result. His maneuver just shows that he was oblivious to my presence on the road. If I didn't anticipate it, I'd crash into his car. Stuff like this happens to me almost every week. Thank you Cycliq for having my back!