Kiewa St Close Call

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About to enter roundabout when I notice a black vehicle closing in rapidly from the right. By this time, escape route to left is gone and no room for emergency braking. Evasive manoeuvres and hope for the best. I briefly freewheel, counter steered to the left, try to stay wide but out of the trash, power back on, flick back right, and left after that. The front quarter panel/bumper featured larger and larger in my peripheral. I didn’t dare look directly at it.
For me ,this was as close as it gets without actually touching. You can even read the shiny “AWD” badge as the front quarter panel goes by.

I attended the local police station 2 days later and presented the video. The serving officer seemed more concerned by the fact that bicycles can now video record him or any other driver. I replied by pointing that if there hadn’t have been soo many close calls in the past I wouldn’t have felt compelled to buy them to start with. He reviewed the footage a number of times. I also provided slo-mo and stop frames replays.

The officer also stated “well, what if they say they just didn’t see you?” I said “no” and picked up my Lumos Ultra helmet and switched it on. LEDS start flashing brightly also point to the Fly’s. He replied “well maybe they just thought you were showing off?” At this stage Im noting a distinct and familiar apologist vibe in the language coming forward. I replied “mate, I’m just trying to be seen. Im too old for this sh>t and I just want to make it home alive”

Officer gave me details to submit video to and indicated that he would find out who the owner was. Email with attachments sent. Officer attended owners address the following day.
This was the outcome:

I spoke with the driver of the territory… “The Driver stated they did not see you until almost at the round about. Upon seeing you ensured the speed was reduced so as to allow you to make a right hand turn in the round about if required.
As there was no collision or obvious traffic offence committed, I am not considering any further action against the driver.”

Surprise surprise. That response makes no sense at all. Driver had a clear unobstructed view of me with lights flashing since rounding the previous corner, 200 metres prior. If I was intending to turn right I would have moved up the road and taken the lane. I would also have at least indicated intention to turn with arm extended. Likely with the helmet indicator as well.


Incident location

Incident details

Date of incident
17/06/2023 01:01PM
Incident type
Close call
Location of incident
Kiewa Street, Albury New South Wales 2640, Australia