Intentionally aggressive close pass with horn blaring followed by intentional braking

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I was the first of three cyclists riding single file at around 35kph/22mph (the speeds are recorded on Strava). As you will see from the video evidence, with the exception of the driver concerned, vehicles were overtaking considerately & with adequate clearance. For reasons that are puzzling, this driver chose to overtake VERY close to us, to sound the horn aggressively AND then to slam on his brakes. This was clearly intentional intimidation. Apologies for the expletives in our response to this but perhaps this can be excused in the circumstances. As you will also see, one of us gave chase to this vehicle shouting "what is your problem?" but didn't manage to catch up with him. You will also see that ahead of us was a woman cycling at considerably lower speed than us. This aggressive driver could also have put her in danger.

The driver turned left onto the A420 eastbound slip-road. We would certainly have wanted to have a conversation with him had we caught him up on the Botley Road.

This appears to us to be a deliberate intimidation, not just a careless close pass. It could have caused severe injury or worse. This driver needs at least a warning, if not more.


Incident location

Incident details

Date of incident
29/06/2024 12:48PM
Incident type
Close pass/Bad driving
Location of incident
Eynsham Road, Oxford, OX2 9BY, United Kingdom