Impatient driver, backed-up at me then close-passed me.

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Riding my 1885 penny farthing on low-traffic, two-lane city street heading toward parking lots and a stop sign. An Audi backs out of an angled parking spot directly to me in the lane. I swerved into the other lane to avoid running into it and to go around it.
At the stop sign, I slowed and waited for traffic to clear on the cross street, then turned left. The Audi pauses before passing me - until there is a traffic island! That close pass did not exceed the Ohio (USA) minimum of 3' so I gestured with my hand after he passed but didn't phase the patrol car!


Incident location

Incident details

Date of incident
12/07/2022 08:38PM
Incident type
Close pass/Bad driving
Location of incident
Cleveland Road East, Huron, Ohio 44839, United States