Gotta beat the oncoming traffic

28 views | June 6, 2022

Incident type: Close call
Location of incident: Old Colchester Road, Mason Neck, Virginia 22079, United States


Myself and two fellow cyclists on a quiet, two lane country road; one vehicle waiting to pass. Up ahead out of the driveway of a home at 10605 Old Colchester Rd Lorton VA, the driver was driving out to beat the oncoming traffic. Had I been closer I would have been broadsided, or if the vehicle behind us saw a clear road ahead to pass, which they were about to do, they might have been hit by this black Acura SUV. It must be difficult for one to wait 15 seconds and stop at the entrance of their driveway in the face of oncoming traffic. Is that not required by law? Apparently, unless they witness it, Fairfax County, VA police can’t be bothered by such infractions. That’s their out even with a 3 ft. passing law. Unfortunately, unless there’s damage or injury nothing is to be done. Until then all one can do is post incident videos online.