Failed overtaking manoeuvre – merging (!) with the peloton

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Our group turned left onto Bonds Rd (single carriage way; one left hand lane, one right hand lane). I was at the front of our
group. A car was behind the group, also turned left at Bonds Rd, and decided to pass the group moving into the the right hand lane. Due to an oncoming vehicle the car was unable to pass the group and shifted left merging into our group, colliding with the rear of my bike, throwing me off the bike and onto the road - landing on my hip, elbow and head. I rolled clear of the car as it
came to a full stop. The driver stopped, exchanged contact details, and was subsequently charged by police. Injuries were fortunately minor (bruising and grazing) with the bike and helmet sustaining damage.


Incident location

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Date of incident
04/12/2022 08:30AM
Incident type
Location of incident
Bonds Road, Lower Plenty Victoria 3093, Australia