Car passes approaching a Blind corner AT 45MPH THEN BRAKE CHECK/HARASSMENT

13 views | February 5, 2022

Incident type: Close call
Location of incident: Bailey Avenue, Morgan Hill, California 95141, United States


Was heading down hill at 45 mph plus in the center of lane due to cyclist being able to transit the downhill faster than cars. While approaching a blind corner 2 cars decide they can go faster. Second car encountered up bound traffic, cuts me off then Brake checks me. Confrontation occurred, driver then tried pushing me to side of road with car then proceed to follow within 1-2 feet off my rear wheel laying on the horn. Police were called and when they arrived I told them I wanted to have the individual receive a ticket and a report made on the incident (CA State Law no closer than 3 feet). Neither happened as the police decided since they didn't witness the incident it was not worth a report or ticket. Living in California since birth and with our current political atmosphere California has become land of the lawless.....ride fast and stay safe.