Buzzed for no reason by gray VW Golf, New Jersey (US) plates E68 KYD, front camera view (rear also available).

44 views | June 17, 2022

Incident type: Close call
Location of incident: Eagle Rock Avenue, Roseland, New Jersey 07068, United States


NJ plates E68 KYD, front camera view (also at ; rear view is at ). A gray Volkswagen Golf buzzed me as I cycled on Eagle Rock Ave in Roseland, just before the I-280 bridge. The vehicle had moved over to the left lane but clearly decided to buzz me. This constitutes assault, as well as a violation of the NJ State Safe Passing Law that went into effect on March 1, 2022 (

Drivers in New Jersey are now required to approach and pass vulnerable road users with “due caution.” “Due caution” means both slowing down and giving the other user plenty of space when passing:

-Drivers must follow all current no-passing, no speeding laws AND move over a lane IF there’s one to move into.

-On a single-lane road, drivers must allow at least a 4-foot safety zone when they pass.

-If 4 feet is not possible on a section of road, drivers must slow to 25mph and be prepared to stop
until they can pass safely without endangering those sharing the road.

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