Business truck passing closer than the law advises

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Riding mid-day on a usually quite back road I was passed at less than 1 ft from the pick-up trucks mirror
The driver stopped at the stop sign that was no more than 40 feet ahead. Driver got out and instantly started shouting and cursing at me saying I do not belong on the road and I don't pay taxes and more and more shouting at me.
He then put his hand on my throat and assaulted me. I then said that I will turn my bicycle around and the rearward facing camera will get a photo of the driver and the license plate numbered I will go up the road and call the police. He then said f-u and f-the law all this was caught on the audio recording of the camera. I went and reported to the police and provided them with the video. 1.5 months later he was charge with harassment and he plead not guilty. We went to local court where the video and audio was played to the judge. He definitely heard the part of driver saying F-the law! When he returned to the bench he told the driver bicycles are everywhere so get used to it. Then he said your are guilt and go to the office up front and pay the fine $268 US! The judge also told him if you appeal this again and found guilty in county court the punishment is 120 days in the Gray Bar Hotel - prison! He didn't appeal. Evidence counts the camera systems provide this and charges can be brought.
I have since purchased the Fly12 and a new Fly6


Incident location

Incident details

Date of incident
16/03/2023 12:20PM
Incident type
Close call
Location of incident
Cedar Drive, Walnutport, Pennsylvania 18088, United States