Almost an Head On Crash

32 views | January 27, 2022

Incident type: Close call
Location of incident: Mains Lane, Ormskirk, L40 3SD, United Kingdom


I was cycling along Mains Lane, Hoscar Moss in Lancashire, approaching was a Tipper Truck then i saw a Blue Renault Megane start to Overtake the Tipper Truck has i was heading straight towards them. The car driver ended up with 2 wheels off the tarmac and looked like he was going to lose control has the dust/gravel was thrown into the air. Thankfully he just about kept control and was laughing as he pulled back onto his own side of rhe road just before they reached me. It may not look close on the video but it was a matter of 2 seconds between him starting to pull back onto the correct side of the road and me reaching the Tipper Truck. The speed the car was going wouldn't have allowed him to get control had he lost ut before reaching me.