Abuse from driver 1RZ 4SR

28 views | February 3, 2022

Incident type: Close call
Location of incident: Outhwaite Road, Heidelberg Heights Victoria 3081, Australia


Front and rear video captured and displayed. White Nissan wagon registration 1RZ 4SR

While waiting at a stop sign to turn left, another cyclist stopped beside me on my right. We then heard a car horn behind us, so thinking it might be an emergency as we didn’t hear the car approach, I unclipped and moved out of the way. The other cyclist called out “That’s alright, no worries mate”.
After that the vehicle stopped and then reversed back into our direction and stopped just before hitting me. The other cyclist then tried to apologise to try to calm the situation down. The driver of the vehicle then yelled out a homophobic slur. I was afraid for my safety so I stated to the driver that he was on camera and that I had recorded his vehicle registration and would be going to the police. The driver then stuck his head further out of his driver side window and saw my camera on the front of my bicycle and quickly took off.
Not wanting to turn left and be forced to be behind this driver, I followed the other cyclist straight across the road and then headed straight home avoiding the main roads.
Police were informed but said they wouldn’t do anything about it