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Riding along a fairly busy road (slight incline into a strong wind) where turning lanes end and the road becomes single lane in each direction. I'm unsure of the speed limit along here, which has been subject to several instances of road works affecting speed limits (could be 80kmh, could be 60kmh?). An oncoming vehicle crosses the dividing lane (single continuous dividing line to the left of a broken dividing line) to overtake another vehicle. Soon after, a vehicle heading in the same direction as myself overtakes another vehicle (generally permitted with the broken dividing line to the left of a continuous line) which was passing me as I was riding on the shoulder. Finally, I was passed by a third vehicle which was then driven partly on the shoulder.
This road is in planning for an "upgrade".


Incident location

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Date of incident
30/07/2023 12:05PM
Incident type
Close call
Location of incident
Mickleham Road Upgrade - Stage 2, Yuroke Victoria 3063, Australia